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March 24, 2020



Dear Valued Customer,


The COVID-19 situation continues to get worse and everyone is asking how this will affect Karthauser and its customers.  As of today, we plan to stay open and continue to deliver to our customers on a new more limited basis.  This will only be possible as long as the state allows farms, which is what we are classified as to continue to do business.



Monday – Thursday 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Friday – Sunday Closed



Please make sure that all your orders are in no later than 11:00 am so that we have time to pull and pack them for the following days truck.  We will continue to do pick up orders that must be called in and brought out to your vehicle once you arrive.  Our building will remain locked and only employee’s will be allowed to enter.  We will continue to practice social distancing, staying six feet apart at all times.  We are taking the last half hour of each day to clean and disinfect throughout Karthauser.


We appreciate your understanding through this difficult time.  We want all of our customers to stay safe and healthy and look forward to better times.  Together we can beat this virus if we work together as a team.



 Thank you